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New Shareholders

Aramco's IPO is a global exceptional economic event, just because Aramco is the largest oil producer on earth and a reliable source of energy. 

Additionally, Aramco enjoys a myriad of essentials, including strong solvency, wise management and successful business plans that all rendered Aramco a giant economic entity.

Indicators received so far from IPO concerned bodied indicate that we are facing a rare economic event which will take place on the ground within few days from now. 

This event is strengthened by Aramco's many advantages, making its IPO a global event awaited by everyone at home and abroad. Aramco is founded on principles and values that are indispensable at all costs. 

It is the most stable company in providing energy to the world. It focuses on reducing the emission of greenhouse gases. Besides, it has a strong and flexible financial base due to the necessary controls. In 2018, it achieved a net profit of USD 111 billion, along with free financial flows of about USD 86 billion. 

Its equivalent oil reserves have amounted to 204 billion barrels. When the company announces its commitment to distribute dividends to shareholders of not less than USD 75 billion annually until 2024, this is a straightforward message from the State that it is keen on the public interest of investors, and even goes further when it hints that it may waive its dividends, if deemed necessary over the next five years to support Aramco.

Aramco's IPO is an important and essential step towards the achievement of the Vision 2030's objectives and the achievement of the National Transformation Program 2020 initiatives. 

At the same time, it is a golden opportunity for all shareholders wishing to leverage Aramco's capabilities. The listing of Aramco's shares in the Saudi market is the biggest support received by local capital markets which are given more attention than ever. 

Yesterday, Aramco's Chairman Yasir Al-Rumayyan welcomed Saudis at the company by saying: "We welcome new shareholders. 

Yes, Saudis are invited to participate in the dividends of their giant company which has long been a source of economic and social security."

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