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It was only a few hours after the Israeli prime minister's arrogant statements about his intention to annex territories from the occupied West Bank, until the Kingdom took firm stance and condemned Netanyahu's declaration and warned the international community of the implications of this threat to the stability of the region and peace efforts.

The statement in the timing and issuance by the highest authority in the Kingdom represented in the Royal Court is not an exceptional event, but an extension of a history of honorable positions in support of the Palestinian people and defending their historical and constant rights. 

It is also a new affirmation of the priority of the Palestinian cause and its firm rank for the Kingdom's political and popular consciousness, a rank that does not change or vary under regional circumstances or multiple crises and threats in the region. 

The statement stressed the status of the Palestinian cause at the Arab and Islamic levels, despite the escalation of threat fronts in the region. The statement called for an emergency Islamic meeting to face the serious Israeli threat to peace and the Palestinian people's usurped rights.

The Royal Court's statements, as is customary, are related to internal issues or affairs. Therefore, the statement reflects the great importance that the Kingdom attaches to the Palestinian cause as a fundamental cause. 

We recall in this context the historic statement issued by the Royal Court against the decision of US President Donald Trump to recognize occupied Jerusalem as the capital of the Israeli occupation, in a position prioritizing the Palestinian rights over the historical relations and common interests with the world's largest pole. 

The Kingdom's positions in this vein are not limited to official support and movement in international organizations and bodies to protect the Palestinian right, but extended to economic and humanitarian support that does not cease to alleviate the suffering of the brothers in occupied Palestine, as actions speak louder than words. 

The Kingdom moves forward through its wise leadership in defending the causes and rights of the Arabs. It advocates the nation's causes, only seeking the stability of the region and the world and spreading peace among all peoples. 

It goes on with its great mission as a protector of the nation and a bulwark of Islam and Arabism.

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