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Leading Competence and Commitment

“It is true; the world of business has changed. More than ever before, this means that managers must also change to meet these new challenges.”

Bob Nelson &Peter Economy

Competency and commitment are an integral part of an organization’s workforce and both have to go hand in hand for the organization to scale up.

What is the difference?

Competencies: They are the skill and attitudes demonstrated by employees to perform specific tasks efficiently and effectively. Skills like Courage, Faith, Self-Respect, and Focus of mind with calmness and strength.. etc.

Commitment: It is the attitude of sincere and dedicated focus on purpose. This is an act of binding oneself to a course of action. Commitment is a message that makes a Pledge. Attitudes like Execution of work, sense of responsibility, etc.

Four Developmental Levels derived from combinations of competence and commitment

1. D1 – The enthusiastic beginner Low Competency and Low Commitment

2. D2 – The disillusioned learner Low Competency and High Commitment

3. D3 – The capable-but-cautious contributor High Competency and Low Commitment

4. D4 – The self-reliant achiever High Competency and High Commitment 


People with high competency and high commitment (D4) makes them known and recognized and people who work them they can perceive their abilities of commitment and this will reflect on the work environment.

These people are an invaluable asset for any organization and motivation and training can make them efficient future leaders.


Systematic planning

In the development of the employees as a strategy, we should apply systematic planning towards a goal. That to know the “what?” and “how?” to be a correct path, as the correct procedures can logically take us to our goal.

On the other hand, analyzing which development level an employee fits into requires having one or more face-to-face Conversations, which are real opportunities for the leader and the employee to honestly discuss expectations, concerns, and questions (Coaching). 


Briefly the most 5 Ways Of Developing Employee Competency:

1. Education: Read, discuss and present.

2. Training: Get a Mentor/Be a Mentor.

3. Assignment: Organize & Prioritize. Create a daily schedule and follow it.

4. Coaching: listen to your bosses.

5. Management Development: Plan & Set Milestones


An emotional boost

An emotional boost is recommended during any conversation with the employee, as that would benefit in support him to improve in a sincere and heartfelt way.

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