Dr. Ali Al-Qahais - Dubai
Arabs build and Iran destroys

Iran has gone too far in its policy of interfering in the affairs of the Arab region through its sectarian militias. This intervention is so blatant that it is now obvious to everyone. Iran has even turned to boasting of its interventions in the Arab countries and sowing communal discord among Arabs.
In its News of the Hour Bulletin, the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research (ECSSR) in Abu Dhabi has confirmed that "while the Arab countries, especially the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states, exert strenuous efforts to restore security and stability in the region, and reconstruct what was destroyed by Iran-instigated wars, Tehran persists in pursuing its destructive policies in the region. It has not provided any support for the ongoing reconstruction projects in the region.”
In its leader, titled "Arabs build and Iran destroys,” the bulletin added, "The contribution of the Gulf states, including Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, have been generous. Support also came from Kuwait that had suffered from Iraq in the early 1990s. But the contribution from Iran was zero. It did not announce any contributions to the reconstruction fund of US$ 88 billion called for by Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi.
The Bulletin pointed out that Tehran’s role in sparking conflicts and destruction was well beyond limits. The destruction in Iraq happened before the emergence of Daesh. But since the US invasion of Iraq, and during the war with Da'esh, Iran and its sectarian militias played a key role in fueling the conflict.
Iran has been following a toxic scorched-earth policy. Once the Iranian troops enter a region or a city, they destroy it, besides the indiscriminate and systematic killing of Sunnis. Iraqi Sunnis have suffered at the hands of Iran and its followers as never before. The final result is the destruction of entire cities and villages. This has made the cost of reconstruction rather high by all counts. And the biggest irony is that Iran, which is the root cause of the destruction, has not provided anything by way of reconstruction assistance.
The Bulletin pointed out that in Yemen, the role of Iran in supporting the militants has caused unprecedented destruction, leading to a humanitarian tragedy. Even Iran cannot deny this. The weapons that help the Houthis maintain their fighting capabilities come from Iran. And the ballistic missiles that the rebels keep launching towards civilian areas in Saudi Arabia including Makkah, come from Iran. In fact, Iranian forces are even directly taking part in the war. This was evident when a coalition aircraft stuck a building in Taiz where Iranian espionage agents were hiding and advising the Houthi militias.
The Bulletin reported: "If we move to Syria, what Iran has done there is shameful. Iran, along with its lackeys, have caused the greatest tragedy that mankind has ever known since World War II. Suffice it to recall the killing of nearly half a million people, most of them being women and children, wounding millions and displacing more than half of the Syrian population. This makes us realize the extent of the heinous crime committed by Iran and its allies and followers in this country which once stood like a beacon in the world.”
It added, "In Lebanon, we see Iranian crime firmly rooted. Through its militant arm that it created in the early 1980s, it has caused tension in the country’s politics, bringing it harsh economic conditions.”
Iran has also caused wars and destroyed large areas of Lebanon. It has entangled this peaceful country into the region's disputes. Iran's agent, the Hezbollah, has sabotaged the country’s decision-making process and has drawn the country into armed conflicts that Lebanon has nothing to do with. The Iranian agent has also killed and committed horrifying acts against the Syrians who had contained them in their previous wars.
The Bulletin concluded, "In short, Iran and its followers have an obvious role in destroying many countries in the region and causing sectarian tensions, even as the Arabs are trying their the best to reconstruct what has been destroyed, and to restore security and stability to the region.

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