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Labor ministry intensive Saudization programs in car rental offices

In a nationwide campaign to ensure the Saudization program implemented in the car rental shops across various regions of the Kingdom, the  Ministry of Labor and Social Development (MLSD) has detected 551  violations among 615  establishments in all parts of the Kingdom.

The inspection team of the ministry has conducted 15,595 field visits to make sure the Saudization program is fully implemented in the respective offices.

Violators, who were booked for various offenses  have been severely warned and have been requested to take remedial steps to restore the situations, an official from the Ministry of Labor and Social Development said. Some of the offenders will be prosecuted according to the nature of their offenses, he added.    

The nationalization of the car rental sector which came into effect since March 18 in all regions of the Kingdom targets specific areas, namely accounting, supervision, sales, delivery and shipping in these offices .

Previously, the MLSD urged customers to report labor violations or submit inquires through contacting the Customer Service no. (19911) or using the ‘Ma3an Lil Rasd’ app on smart phones.

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