Dr. Talal Al Harbi "Riyadh Daily"
Asia! Guess you never forget your masters

What we heard most in the world of football “lion can stumble but it doesn't fall”. 

And after our departure from the last world cup in Russia with results that weren’t as we wish, although we could have made the achievement by qualifying itself. 

Nevertheless, our ambition today as Saudis is no longer limited by any logic or by reality in sometimes. But such hidden agony in the soul that we wished to see heroes of our national team on the coronation podiums in the world cup has been eliminated as we see our champions and our lion cubs crowned The Asian youth cup 2018 (AFC U-19) Championship 2018. 

Actually, I was not a fond of some of sports statements which are a warlike. But today, in the light of all facts and regional conditions, I find myself saying “O homeland soldiers and its future men. You make us proud as usual”.

Yes, lions can stumble but they don’t fall, why not and when the wise doctor, governors trustworthy with His Excellency chancellor Turki Al Al-shikh, the man of difficult tasks and achieved challenges, this sensitive fed his sense by insisting on success with his deputy Prince Abdul Aziz bin Turki al-Faisal. 

The achievement of the Kingdom’s youth with their deserve winning of the Asian youth cup 2018 (AFC U-19 Championship 2018) is a result of a constant work started two and half years ago, planning, motivating and correcting situations. 

Vision of 2030 entered every field and built determination and willingness in the conscience of our youth that their normal place is the top not the other. And if a stumble happens here or there, it is just a motivation to accomplish more and more. So it is Salman’s school of firmness and determination, and this is the vision of Salman, his faithful crown prince. These are men of the vision like his Excellency the Chancellor and his Deputy.

All we hope today and even what we ask Turki Al Al-shikh with his football federation not to repeat past mistakes. Despite the importance and timing of this achievement, we don’t want it to make, from its accompanying fame, the champions and the stars of the victorious team to repeat old scenes of misplaced arrogance, prejudice or greed. 

We want to keep them as soldier saving their country and champions aspiring more. They worth each deigning and gift for stimulation not for end of service. The journey is still ahead and what we saw from their wonderful performance in The Asian youth cup 2018 (AFC U-19 Championship 2018) makes us demand, with confidence from them and those responsible for them, that the next step and stage shall be The Asian champion, The world cup and Confederation cup. 

Yes, we deserve and we can with God’s blessings and care. 

What a wonderful feeling when you watch the match and contemplate in these elite and constellation youth of vision 2030 as they rush and do excellently. 

Creativity, fighting spirit, Saudi national administration with a trainer who knelt down to God with praise and thanks, the affable elegant Khaled Al-Atwi. 

Now, we want our players to be involved in the league and local championships to keep the brave soldiers of the homeland. Besides, to let them know and let everyone know that Saudi Arabia has many champions and creators who are waiting for a chance in the era of Salman and crown prince Salman . 

Everything must be developed including sports programs which, unfortunately, still host mentality of pre twenty years of conflict, rivalry and abhorrent hateful racism. Championships need heroes not makers of words and fascination.

I assert that Asia knows its masters and champions. It knows the source of its pride and glory. 

In addition, Asia and the whole world know that Country of the two Holy Mosques is a blessed consecrated ground. Even the most haters admit that The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a unique country which is a model country of everything. A country deserves every championship and every achievement.

 When a country wins a championship we rejoice and encourage them, but when the Kingdom wins with its youth, we hear them saying “What they lack to win”.

Yes, we don’t lack any thing and we will win in the sport and other fields with God willing. 

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