Mexico City
Mexico Ensures Vaccine for more than 100 Million Mexicans

In the framework of the press conference led by Mexican President Andres
Manuel Lopez Obrador, the Secretary of Foreign Relations, Marcelo
Ebrard Casaubon, reported on the progress in Mexico's strategy to
guarantee universal access and fair prices to the vaccine against COVID-

This week, the Government of Mexico signed three prepurchase
contracts with three pharmaceutical companies to acquire sufficient
doses of vaccines to cover up to 116 million Mexicans.

The Secretary of Foreign Relations reported that the three
pre-purchase agreements signed with the pharmaceutical companies could
cover a range of between 81.4 and 90.9 million people. These agreements
meet the search criteria for low-risk section mechanisms and protect
Mexico from price increases due to excess demand. In addition, they
diversify the portfolio to which the country has access, including both
vaccines based on inactivated viruses and viral vectors, as well as more
modern and flexible technologies.

During the conference, the secretary presented details of each of
the agreements. Both the AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines must be given
in two doses. The agreement signed with AstraZeneca is for 77.4 million
doses that would be available between March and August 2021. In the case
of Pfizer, the agreement is for a range of between 15.5 and 34.4
million doses, depending on what the health sector agrees. The vaccines
from that pharmaceutical company would arrive in Mexico between December
2020 and December 2021.

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