Prof. Dr. Fahad M. Al-Otaibi
How did the Jewish rabbi Zaid bin Sa'na convert to Islam?

The companion Zaid bin Sa'na tells us the story of his conversion to Islam, which deserves to be paused and contemplated, and to feel the hidden values and merits of the Prophet which led to his conversion.  

These Islamic values that, unfortunately, forgotten by many Muslims at this time.  

As Zaid said, he once met the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, when a  Bedouin man came to him and told him that he influenced some people to convert to Islam promising them that they will have good  living accordingly. 

However, the man said, they were hit hard which may cause them to came out of Islam with greed as they entered Islam with greed. 

Hence, he asked the prophet to send them some money. The prophet looked at Ali and the latter said: “O Messenger of God, there is nothing left with me”.

Zaid bin Sa'na approached the prophet and ask him to sell him dates and the prophet agreed. Zaid gave the prophet eighty dinars of gold which the prophet handed to the man and said: "give them to your people."

When it was two or three days before the due date, the prophet, went out with Abu Bakr, Omar and Othman in a group of his companions. 

When he prayed at the funeral and approached the wall to sit there, Zaid came to him and took the gatherings of his shirt and robe and looked at him with a rough face and saying: “O Muhammad, will you not fulfill my right? I know you Bani Abd al-Muttalib, you procrastinating your debt repayment.” 

Omar was angry and tried to punish Zaid. The prophet then said: “Oh Omar, he and I were in need of something other than this, that you ask me to pay the debt and ask him to ask for his money politely. Go with him, Omar, give him his right and increase him a generous amount of dates since you frightened him.”  

Zaid said: “I bear witness to you, Omar I had accepted God as a Lord, Islam as a religion, and Muhammad as a Prophet. I bear witness to you that I give part of my money is charity for the people of Islam.”

Hence, the Prophet was an example to be emulated in patience and justice, two values that we need in our world today, and we need to inculcate them in the souls of our children.

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