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Qatari media from raising seditions to hysteria

The Qatari regime adopts aggressive policies towards regional issues a matter which led to its fall in the trap of regional powers with their expansionist objectives, notably Iran and Turkey. The International Muslim Brotherhood organization succeeded in abducting Qatar, harnessing it in the service of its destructive projects and introducing it as gift to the enemies of the Arab and Islamic nation in retaliation for its fall and expulsion from the Arab countries. This has been confirmed by a report conducted by Almezmaah Studies and Research Center.
The report added that stubbornness and arrogance still dominate the minds of the leaders of the Hamadeen regime that escalates disputes with sister countries. This regime works on turning Doha into a center of a terrorist system working on liquidating issues of the Middle East region in a way that serves the axis of evil Iran, Turkey and the Muslim Brotherhood. Doha also seeks to besiege the Gulf forces facing terrorism and disrupt their schemes of fighting terrorism in various ways. This Qatari attempts came after successes in the field of eradicating terrorism and putting an end to Qatar and Iran’s subversive policies in the region.
The report also pointed out that Doha's insistence on its current policies leads to incurring more losses. Qatar and the Qataris are the biggest losers of the Hamadeen regime’s current destructive policies and practices. This also proves that symbols of the Qatari regime serve their own interests away from the higher national interests of Qatar and Qatari people a matter which begins to provoke the anger of the Qatari street.
The report pointed out that the Hamadeen regime’s media discourse reached unprecedented level of irresponsibility towards the Arab Quartet boycotting Qatar. This regime allowed and paid money to authors and journalists to fabricate stories and lies in the media drive against the Arab Quartet, a matter which led to losing the confidence of the Arab and Western street. These media tools underestimate and mess with the people’s minds in terms of presenting fake and fabricated news which is easy for anyone to discover its falsehood.
According to the opinion of many observers, the report made clear that the Qatari media reached unprecedented level of lies and fabrication of events. This causes harm to the Qatari institutes and the Hamadeen regime itself, especially that the Qatari media caused many strife and fighting in more than one Arab country together with promoting and supporting terrorism in the region.
In the conclusion of the report, the Qatari media lost the confidence of the Arab public, a matter which prompted this regime to buy non-Qatari media. This new Qatari orientation has recently increased due to the decline in popularity and follow-up of the Qatari media, especially Al-Jazera channel. This also prompted the Qatari regime to resort to pay for other Arab and African media to be subject to Qatar’s main orientations by offering bribes and pledging the necessary financial support for them to promote the policies of the Qatari regime and attacking the Arab Quartet especially the KSA and UAE. In addition, the Qatari government has recently constituted the E-flies with fake names and accounts and paid USD millions per month for the purpose of offending the KSA and UAE in addition to promoting the policies of Doha and fabricating stories that serve the higher goals of the Hamadeen regime. This is a poisoned weapon widely used by Doha after losing all available weapons for confronting facts in general.

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