By: Muhammad Abdulwahid
Al-Ghufran Clan.. 20-year cry of injustice echoing UN halls

In a press conference of the UN Commission on Human Rights (UNCHR) in Geneva, Switzerland, the issue of Qatari clan of Al-Ghufran has come to the fore, with a new move by the tribesmen inside the UN halls, embarrassing Chairman of the National Human Rights Committee (NHRC) in Qatar, Dr. Ali bin Smaikh Al Marri, for failing to respond to Ghufrani grievances about the Qatari violations of withdrawing their nationalities
over two decades of Qatar's arbitrary practices by which Al-Hamadeen regime unduly stripped more than 6,000 Ghufranis off their nationalities, forcibly displaced them, confiscated all their properties, deprived them of their rights of citizenship, and their rights of living such as housing, education, health care and others. This is because they side with the legitimacy by rejecting the coup of the former Emir of Qatar Hamad bin Khalifa against his father, and wresting power from him. The Ghufranis stood with Emir Khalifa and so they were subjected to a campaign of mass torture and displacement by Al-Hamadeen, accusing them of turning against their regime.
Since then, demonstrations and protests of the Ghufranis have caused to occur one after the other in the international forums in which they complained to the world of the Qatari regime's injustice and called for their nationalities back. In Geneva, Hamad Al-Araq Al-Ghufrani asked, before the NHRC's chairman, about the reason for withdrawing his nationality at the age of nine, and stripped him off all his rights, though his forefathers had the Qatari nationality.
In order to demonstrate his rights, Al-Araq held up his Qatari passport and his grandfather's Qatari passport in front of everyone. He said: "Unfortunately, I see that those who led the 1996 movement enjoy a decent life in Qatar and have more than one nationality while we know nothing about our fate, nor about the reasons behind withdrawing our Qatari nationality."
The NHRC's chairman tried to evade the embarrassment, but he fell into a quagmire of duality and contradiction when he claimed that thousands of Ghufranis who are stripped of their Qatari nationality carry other nationalities that run counter to the Qatari dual nationality law, clashing with the fact that Doha embraces hundreds of extremists and those on the terrorism lists who were also given the Qatari nationality along with their nationalities by Al-Hamadeen regime, among them Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Leader Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, as well as Zionist Azmi Bishara, plus many international athletes who were naturalized to play in the name of Qatar in various sports games .
At a time when the smell of Qatari injustice has reeked inside the UN halls, the Qatari media machine of Al-Jazeera has tried to mislead the public opinion on the issue of Al-Ghufran Clan and cover up the embarrassment of the NHRC's chairman through politicized reports providing false fabrications against the people of Qatar who have been displaced by Al-Hamadeen regime, some of them have become displaced in remote areas inside Qatar and deprived of all citizenship rights, and some have been forcibly displaced outside the country.
Al-Ghufran Clan intends to continue to escalate its grievances internationally by demanding the international community to confront the Qatari regime's crimes which it describes as violating international charters and covenants owing to its racist and dictatorial policies, and help them get their usurped rights back and end their suffering from displacement inside their homeland and abroad, while Al-Hamadeen regime wastes the Qatari people's wealth for supporting terrorism and allowing Iran to loot the South Pars/North Dome natural gas field.

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