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17 years after September 11 attacks, those are founders of extremist thought

Two years after incidents of Sep 11, New York Times wrote a lengthy report that held Sayyed Qutb's thoughts responsible for the terrorist attacks of September 11.

Qutb’s thoughts brought together a raft of extremists in Afghanistan under the leadership of Osama bin Laden. The Times warned: “We should not be misled by identities of eleven attackers. The roots of Al-Qaeda are not in the Arab Gulf, but they are deeply extended in other places, specifically in a strong circle that linked Afghanistan’s terrorists to two armed factions affiliated to the Brotherhood in the 1980s at the beginning of the formation of the Al-Qaeda.

Jemaah Islamiah and Egyptian Islamic Jihad group led by Ayman al-Zawahri formed the first nucleus of al Qaeda. They are groups that sprang from the womb of the Muslim Brotherhood group that was formed in the 1950s. 

Sayyed Qutb was an ideological theorist of  the Muslim Brotherhood Group and the intellectual Father of all these organizations that secreted Al-Qaeda. 

When Sayyed Qutb was detained, he directed his followers in Egypt to form an Egyptian terrorist movement that actually appeared at the beginning of 1970s and this movement carried out assassinations against foreign tourists and Egyptian Copts together with assassinating Egypt’s late President Anwar Sadat.

According to New York Times, this movement was the most important nucleus that acceded to bin Laden and provided Al-Qaeda with intellectual principles. These terrorist operations were the beginning of the waves of terrorism that struck the region.

On the eve of the killing of Osama bin Laden, the 1st positive statement was made by Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. The statement mourned terrorist leader bin Laden and denounced the assassination operation carried out by the US Forces.

During her visit to Egypt in 2013, member of the US Congress Michele Bachmann said: “We realized the magnitude of threat of Muslim Brotherhood all over the world; we stand against this great evil and will always remember those who masterminded Sep 11 terrorist attacks.”

She added: “We will never forget those who killed 3000 Americans.”

2013 was a milestone year when the whole world identified the sources of terrorism after the political Islam, intersecting with Iran in many goals, rode the waves of call of change in Arab countries. The political Islam followers tried to seize power even by violence, conspiracy or by buying the votes of the poor.

Member of the Congress was the first one who openly stated the responsibility of the Muslim Brotherhood's ideology for September 11 attacks. This was followed by calls to classify this group as a terrorist organization. In addition, political research centers around the world are becoming more interested in going into the relations between the Muslim Brotherhood and the terrorist incidents foremost among them Sep11 attacks.

In special statements made to Riyadh by Dr. James Caravano the deputy chairman of Heritage Foundation, close to President Donald Trump, said: “The US is fully aware that Sep 11 attacks were a normal result of an organized work by followers of the political Islam since 1990.”

He believes that the phenomenon of terrorism is not linked to a particular country or religion or nationality. It became a global phenomenon that comes from inside and outside the Middle East. We have recently sighted Europeans and Americans who did not visit the region committed terrorist attacks. The spread of extremists in Africa and Afghanistan was a direct result due to the Arab countries' rejection to these groups and expelling them. 

James Caravano added: “We live in a better era that uses all means in its fight against terrorism and combating its roots. The Saudi Kingdom has recently played a decisive role in fighting the sources of extremist thought and this is the most important. When comparing the phenomenon of terrorism now and in the past, the comparison will be in favor of today’s world. Combating the Muslim Brotherhood’s terrorist thoughts is considered the most important means to eradicate this threat. Research papers conducted by Heritage Foundation believe that the Brotherhood Organization was the reason behind the spread of Al-Qaeda and turning it into an intercontinental organization. He affirmed that the Muslim Brotherhood in the US exerted strenuous efforts to persuade the West that extremism comes from other schools of thought. Yet, the truth is clear-cut for all and that the Brotherhood’s ideology is fully similar to Al-Qaeda’s.”

 Senior adviser at Washington-based Gulf Analysis Center Dr. Ted Karasik believes that when monitoring the evolution of Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood, we will discover that both represent inseparable tracks. In 1998, both organizations were fully similar to the extent that they issued joint fatwas against Western countries and Saudi Arabia. This hostility against Saudi Arabia has always been a common factor between the two organizations.

In retrospect, in the beginning of 1990s, Al-Qaeda continued to pursue its bloody march with a financial and ideological support from the Muslim Brotherhood organization (MBO). This coherent coordination initiated from east Africa with direct support from the MBO and Iran for the purpose of building Al-Qaeda’s branch in Sudan and developing its abilities, a matter which led to implementing Sep 11 attacks as a result of a lengthy and joint efforts between the MBO and Al-Qaeda.

Hotbeds of the MBO in the US have exerted arduous efforts to drive a wedge between the US and the Saudi Arabia, but the conspiracy has been turned against them.

According to Karasik, Sep 11 attacks caused many changes in the Middle East region. Yet, the MBO did not change its ideology or approach calling for hatred and animosity along with deceiving young men in the name of religion, stressing that a high degree of convergence among Iran, MBO and Al-Qaeda became clear for all. The establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran was an introduction to the bloodiest era in terms of the spread of extremist groups.

Karasik warns against the role of soft incitement by MBO in the United States. This incitement declined in the era of US President Donald Trump due to classifying the Muslim Brotherhood as terrorist group. Karasik said that organizations such as CAIRE and ISNA, put on terrorism lists by UAE, played and still plays the most insidious and entrapping role not only in promoting the hatred discourse and presenting it as a normal one, but also these organizations in the US contributed to pressing charges against the Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States in the terrorist incidents that occurred on September 11 and beyond. 

In the light of Arab Quartet’s boycotting to Qatar, the MBO in the US awaited only few months then it showed animosity to this Arab Quartet. 

Head of CAIR Organization Nihad Awad contributed to launching a campaign to intervene in the Saudi internal affair by calling for setting a terrorist with suspicious links free. This terrorist urged and incited youth to engage in global extremist movements.

 Karasik reveals a strong campaign to ban organizations that have worked hard to drive a wedge between the United States and its allies from Arab countries, notably the Kingdom by monopolizing the political representation of Muslims in the United States for favor of the Muslim Brotherhood and portraying doctrines and other orientations of Islam as a source of radical and terrorist thought.

However, Trump’s term in office disclosed the relations and links among these terrorist organizations whose roots are very deep and correspond to Egypt’s outlawed and expelled brotherhood.

The beginning of the isolation of these terrorist organizations was in the era of incumbent US President Trump and new laws classifying the MBO as terrorist were approved by 80 members of the US Congress. This coincided with banning the Holy Land Group. The US Department of Justice has recently classified Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and the North American Islamic Funds (NITE) placed them under intense scrutiny being Muslim Brotherhood entities.

Karasik says: “The Arab boycott to the Muslim Brotherhood and Qatar came after a long Saudi patience over these organizations that were a stab in the back of moderate Arab countries. These organizations spread in the US were inciting against the Saudi Arabia and accusing it of disseminating extremist thoughts from one hand and inciting the terrorist organizations inside the Kingdom against it and its leaders on the other hand under the pretext of applying the laws and provisions of the Islamic Sharea in a tough manner.

Karasik stressed that the international community is satisfaction with boycotting Qatar that supported the MBO so far. No one wants to prevent this boycott except Qatar change its thoughtless and wrong policies along with closing all sources of funding these terrorist organizations that masterminded Sep 11 attacks. 

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