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Microscope of Truth

The Saudi never interferes in the affairs of other countries, as it refuses others to interfere in its affairs. This is a consistent principle that it always emphasizes. Also, relationships with neighboring countries are important to the Kingdom, and it is keen to document them in a way that responds to the common interests. 

With regard to Iran, the Kingdom has tried to build good neighborly relations based on mutual respect, but the Iranian agenda has other goals, which are expansionary goals leading to instability in the region, which serves the Iranian interests by spreading its subversive arms, and creating divisions on the Arab street, leading to more instability.

The Iranian regime finds its survival in exporting its revolution to the region in order to extend its influence and appear as a controller of its affairs. 

The Iranian regime does not give up exporting its revolution that brought nothing but devastation and destruction to the region and to the Iranian interior, which is no longer able to tolerate the revolution that squandered its wealth over dreams of restoring a defunct empire. 

It feeds on illusions and empty slogans that took Iran decades back, and made it a backward country whose capabilities are not equal to its reality by squandering wealth on dreams of expansion and domination.

Iran could have been a modern advanced country thanks to the capabilities it possesses, but its regime chose a path that did not and will never achieve its goal. 

This path made Iran a rogue pariah state, and its actions put it under the microscope of the truth, unmasking everything that the Iranian regime tried to hide over the past years in terms of sponsoring terrorism and threatening international peace and security.

Restoring normal relations with Iran is not a difficult equation, and it only needs the Iranian regime to abandon its destructive expansionist agenda and interference in the affairs of the countries of the region, and to return as a natural regime and a useful member in the international community.

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