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Dr. Husam Zaman: Digital Transformation is Strategic for Tests and Evaluation

HE ETEC President, Dr. Husam Zaman, presented the Kingdom’s experience in utilizing technical developments and digital transformation applications to administer university admission tests during the Coronavirus pandemic. He also addressed the importance the Kingdom places on maintaining fairness among students while achieving high degrees of validity and reliability. 

This came during HE’s participation in the international virtual seminar entitled “Seminar on Education in Emergency Situations: Preparation and recovery of school life in the new normal for pandemic COVID-19” organized by UNICEF, UNESCO and the World Bank on the “Framework for Reopening Schools”. The seminar aims to create an opportunity for countries to exchange their decision-making processes when it comes to high-risk tests for students in light of the Coronavirus pandemic, in addition to the considerations that shaped methodology selection, challenges, and future impacts. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was selected to present its experience together with the United Kingdom and Ecuador.

Dr. Zaman addressed the most significant challenges that faced the project and ETEC’s strategies in overcoming such challenges by making use of a variety of technical means as well as addressing any issues the students faced. 

Furthermore, HE explained that this initiative and the support granted by various government entities, represented by the National Committee for Digital Transformation, have managed to transform the  solution implemented to deal with the Coronavirus pandemic to a strategic one for the digital transformation and online administration of tests and evaluations in line with the goals of Saudi Vision 2030.

It is worth noting that UNICEF, UNESCO, and the World Bank have organized a series of joint virtual seminars on the “Framework for Reopening Schools” as part of the Global Education Coalition to provide the support governments need to promote distance education and facilitate the reopening of schools in light of the current pandemic. 

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