Farhan Hassan*
Sub- Strategy: The “Fast Tactic"

The Classic Strategy is no longer a reliable concept and effective tool with its passive and solid steps (Mission-Vision-Goals-Analysis (SWOT)- Working plan-Tracking and Evaluation) if we keep it as for long, So, it would be necessary to create a sub-strategy supporting and to be as modifying for the classic strategy, here we preferred to call it  ( Fast Tactic) that would be by extract the analysis step,  work plan, the tracking, and evaluation so that it is dynamic (react fast to incoming info. and data to overcome the slow process of decision which be very risky on this time) and to change the direction, also, one main step to be added at the beginning which is receiving info. and data (resources of info.). So, that it would be suitable and harmonic for and with this flowing era of its rapid and variety of information and which requires quick and firm decisions and tactical maneuvers.

To be more clear here, as we mentioned as we are now in the digital world, the huge amount of and variety of information, and the speed at which it spreads, which create a big burden on decision-makers in managements, as per now the decision and its speed are crucial to the future of business, and everyone aware of what happened to large companies like Kodak, Nokia and others and where are they now.

"Fast Tactic" includes the steps as we mentioned:

1. Receiving.

2. Analyzing. 

3. Creating options(decisions). 

4. Choosing the decision with the preference mechanism.

The important point for organizing is to be through a committee with highly qualified members who are and full or part-time for only focusing and tracking the evolution matters.

The "Fast Tactic" committee, we suggest that to be conducted daily in normal conditions or as required by the situations and circumstances of the business.

Competition, development, dealing, and reacting with emergency matters (as recently with CORONA pandemic and other things that may appear in the future) necessitates this kind of tool " Fast Tactic" which leads to the right and fast decisions.


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