Riyadh "Riyadh Daily"
Unchanged Positions

The Kingdom's position on the Palestinian cause can never be questioned. It is a very clear position demanding the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people to restore their occupied land and their legitimate rights ensured by international resolutions. 

The Kingdom is the first supporter of the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian people and will never change its position or deviate from it. It always confirms this position on the basis of the principles of the Saudi politics from the era of the founder king to the present era.

The Kingdom's position is official and popular, believing in restoring the usurped Palestinian right and siding by the Palestinian brothers until it is restored. It will not pay attention to the discordant voices that attempt to question its constant historical positions in favour of their narrow and immediate interests. 

These voices believe that questioning the Kingdom's positions on the Palestinian cause will help them out of the bottleneck that they put themselves in. 

These voices are also known for their changed positions, placing themselves in a corner that was unnecessary if they adhered to a balanced line away from the illusions of the past and the arrogance of the present.

The Kingdom's position does not need to be confirmed. Therefore, talking about the countless positions of the Kingdom in order to support the Palestinian people and their just cause, needs to be reminded so we stop those who try to encroach on our constants to know our size and theirs too.

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