Riyadh "Riyadh Daily"
This is our destiny

Our country is making steps, to say the least, herculean towards the future confidently and aptly. This makes us unleash boundless optimism about the progress and superiority that we will reach with the help and guidance of God. 

All clear evidence confirms that we are on the right track towards sustainable development that has shattered all time barriers and left obstacles behind  in order to move towards the near future which establishes the distant future for the permanence of security, stability, prosperity and well-being.

In the midst of this developmental gift aimed at transferring our country to the ranks of the developed countries where we must be, our country has not forgotten and will never forget its Arab brothers who always seek its support as they are aware about the Kingdom's ability to take responsibility and confront all that surrounds the Arab and Islamic nations wisely and aptly.

There is a great deal of evidence that we are on the two completely different tracks without prejudicing any of them. 

The developmental gift could have preoccupied us with ourselves and the future of our homeland as an absolute priority without being blamed for preoccupation with it and dedicating all our energies for it for the sake of a better tomorrow. 

Despite this legitimate right, it has been destined for this country to be pioneer on a myriad of levels, a matter that has made it pay equal attention to all tracks. There is a hand that builds and establishes the future in all its details and the other hand is extended to brothers, friends and humanity, realizing and embodying a difficult equation, but not difficult for our country that has been able to achieve this equation and go on with its ambitious developmental plans and help brothers and friends.

This is our destiny - praise be to God - which has made the land of the Two Holy Mosques perform its duties in the best manner despite their difficulties and differences.

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