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The energized transformation

Our country is undergoing profound transformations covering all aspects of life. We must acknowledge this fact as a step towards the future.  

In an interview with the Washington Post, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has voiced a strong determination to remove all obstacles hindering our anticipated growth, progress, and prosperity.  

Efficient mobilization of resources, employment of talented personnel, continuous modernization, anticorruption procedures and control of government spending constitute the framework for development in the Kingdom during a phase of huge transformations in the fields of management and economics. This will reflect positively on all living conditions. It is an exceptional phase whereat a way shall be sought out of the past to a flourishing future. Our country’s religious and geographical position as well as its human capital and economic resources necessitate the optimum use of resources by taking firm economic and organizational decisions and making effective reforms. 

Within this context, the Crown Prince spoke frankly and transparently about giving his country the shock therapy needed to modernize cultural, social and political life. Thereby, Saudi Arabia will assume its prestigious position at the national and international levels. The shock has made the difference at present and is expected to realize the ambitions drawn up by the Crown Prince under the instructions of the King. We are more optimistic and more assured that we are well on the right track.     

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