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Concealed Economy

No economy can ever rise without an important anchor represented in the human resources which are the basis in the development field. There can be no real development without a citizen who understands its identity and importance. 

Thus, empowering and  supporting citizens to work in the private sector is an important demand for the upcoming phase which relies on the private sector in the construction and economic transformation phases.

Yesterday morning, the entire areas of the Kingdom witnessed the commencement of the third phase of indigenizing vendors in a myriad of  commercial  and retail activities in the local market. This step has come to complete the indigenization phase that was launched early this  Hijri year, through the plan the Ministry of Labor and Social Development seeking the Saudization of twelve commercial activities. 

It started on 1/1/1440 AH with car and motorcycle shops, ready-made wear, children wear and men's accessories shops, as well as ready-made home and office furniture shops and domestic utensils shops. On 1/3/1440 AH, three activities; electrics, electronic and luxuries, went through indigenization.

The retail sector is one of the most important factors of indigenization in the world, as there is no need for a high level of qualification or even training, in addition to the sector's proportionality with the needs of both sexes, as well as the opportunities for promotion and premium are fast and are primarily based on committing to work and improving.

Correspondingly, any organization or structuring of an economic sector results in some deficiencies that cannot be a reason for retreating from the main goal of national indigenization programs that end up, God willing, with a good stage of maturity and transformation into a sector that is transparently run away from concealment and the invisible economy which is the first foe for any real economic growth that increases the employment rates.

Certainly, a small tour by any of us in the markets included by the Saudization programs will help us be well aware of the disappearance of the concealment shops due to the liquidation of some of the shops that are completely run by foreigners under the cover of concealment.

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