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Al-Ula… Creativity Lighthouse

Cultural heritage acquires its value from being a human achievement that is added to and associated with the cultural identity of peoples and nations; as geography is intertwined with history, as well as the emotional value and the characteristic and their profound implications, which complement the civilized condition experienced by these peoples and that grants them a sense of confidence and self-esteem, as the civilized and cultural legacy are existential and historical confirmation that is a matter of pride and trust in the value, impact and effectiveness.

Al-Ula Governorate, since its train of development has been launched, announces its existence as a lighthouse whose strong and powerful light guides its visitors to the pointes of greatness, history and the ancient civilization of humankind, which do not stop at the observation of the creative stages of humankind of its land. Rather, it invites humankind to embrace the beauty and magnificence of the place and the brilliance of humankind that continue to declare the virgin areas that are not touched by the hand of forgetfulness.

Al-Ula Governorate has been witnessing a large influx of different spectra and interests; driven by curiosity, adventure and the desire to capture the magnificence of the civilization of humanity and place, which reveals the creativity and depth of builders of its civilization. 

This is seen since the announcement of the first cooperation with global companies to develop Al-Ula in order to achieve the ambitious vision of the leadership to protect and enhance the cultural heritage, consolidate the scientific knowledge, and open new ways to sustainable tourism around this unique archaeological site; and Al-Ula is the spotlight, focus of interest and the desire to discover.

This remarkable attention and movement emphasize the importance of the heritage of Al-Ula and its historical value which has gone far beyond material and historical value, to move into broader horizons that enhance its value as places that have become an important part of the Kingdom's soft power. 

It is promised to be a profitable economic resource through the tourist delegations which will come to it, a matter that will promote the country's economy and contribute to the opening of promising areas for the employment of young men and women and thus eliminate unemployment; and thus we will become a real model to consolidate the importance of tourism economics which will undoubtedly have the evident effect in enhancing the resources of the State and raising the size of its economy after achieving a part of the ambitious vision led by His Highness the Crown Prince and aims to abandon the revenue-generating economy, which will leave forever with the implementation of this vision as has been planned and in line with the unprecedented advances witnessed by our country.

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