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Entertainment and Shortening Stages

The inception of the General Entertainment Authority (GEA) was an important turning point in the cultural and artistic history of the Kingdom, which highlighted the interest of our leadership in showing this aspect of our culture to the world. The GEA is making a quantum leap in this area by concluding a myriad of memos of understanding between it and a number of bodies in order to enrich and diversify entertainment content in the Kingdom and attract the latest international expertise in this field. Followers of the GEA's activities are well aware of the extent of the transformation that our country sees in various fields in line with the Kingdom's Vision 2030.
The GEA has been able to form a grass-roots base in various regions of the Kingdom by developing fruitful plans and programs that have changed the atmosphere of the Saudi family through a wide range of recreational places that help highlight the Kingdom's identity in the budding minds and that is represented in cultures, arts and museums that include the culture of each region.
The world has been living the revolution of modern technology, a matter which has contributed to spreading the various cultures of countries including the Kingdom, including a large range of intellectual, literary, artistic cultures and others. The GEA has been able to provide these cultures for the world in a short time by highlighting the beautiful image of our culture and our intellectual and artistic heritage.
Entertainment authorities all over the world do not work independently of other entities related to their activities. They constantly coordinate with government and private institutions to ensure entertainment centers close to the vital places within the cities. This is actually what the GEA has worked on and has been a significant factor for its success and achievement of its objective, in addition to the employment opportunities for young men and women to manage and organize these centers. Moreover, emerging companies in this sector are in need of Saudi cadres working in the administrative, financial and legal aspects. All this will be reflected on reducing unemployment in the Kingdom and providing new sources of income for citizens that will contribute to improving the living standards and thus improving the quality of life as one of the major goals of creative Vision 2030.

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