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Talk of Confidence

In the same clear language and precise description, His Royal Highness Prince Muhammad bin Salman, Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense and Aviation, spoke to Bloomberg. His talk put an end to many of the speculations and interpretations of many Western media about the Kingdom's political, economic and societal affairs and future situations.
Confidence and optimism are amongst the most important qualities that characterize the personality of the young prince Mohammed bin Salman. They have earned him a remarkable international presence that is added to the supreme standing of the Kingdom globally, a matter that explains the world's interest in his talks and meetings that reflect the reality of the Kingdom and paint a picture of its future.
H.R.H. the Crown Prince's language of confidence is quite realistic and reflects deep faith in the Kingdom's status, and its human and financial resources, have placed it in the ranks of the international policy makers and the driving force of the world's economies. This international recognition has not come from vacuum, but a cumulative outcome of a long history of stability, political action and economic achievement, a matter which qualified the Kingdom for regional and leadership and participation side by side with major countries in achieving security and stability in the whole world.
Since the establishment of the first Saudi State up to this very day, our country has not been subordinate to anyone and has never entrusted any international or regional force with the responsibility to defend it. It has maintained its stability and security in the difficult conditions experienced by the region over 300 years, and has even become the security valve and sponsor of stability in the Middle East. The stormy events experienced by the region over the past three centuries largely demonstrate the Kingdom's main role in consolidating security and maintaining the stability of the ME's countries by helping them in their struggle for independence, supporting the development of their peoples and achieving security all over their spots via the joint action against threats in their way.
In his logical speech, the Crown Prince answered questions posed recently about the Saudi-US relations, especially after the recent speech of President Donald Trump. H.R.H. the Crown Prince put the records straight regarding the nature of the strategic partnership between the two countries. He emphasized that the Kingdom is able to protect its interests, and both countries have worked together through the concept of partnership to achieve their interests. They have also achieved many successes in the Middle East, especially in combating extremism and terrorism and confronting the aggressive policy of the Iranian regime.
The transparency of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has put things in perspective. He made clear, beyond a shadow of interpretation, that the Kingdom will not pay anyone for its security, and that all the weapons it has bought the moment its relations started with the US have not been free, a matter which everyone is well aware of and the whole world witnesses the steadfastness and independency of the Saudi politics.

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