Riyadh "Riyadh Daily"
Constant Position

The Kingdom's position on the Palestinian issue remains unchanged. This is a very clear fact. 

The Kingdom has never compromised on the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, which cannot be overlooked by arbitrary unilateral decisions, as the Israeli Prime Minister announced his intention, if he wins the forthcoming elections, to annex parts of the West Bank occupied since 1967. 

He behaves as if it was a matter of his own, and decides on it the way he wants, disregarding the international resolutions related to the Palestinian issue in continuation of the Israeli approach which always acts as if it is above all international laws, norms and resolutions.

The Kingdom's position was firm, its response was quick, and its reaction is as frequent as it is in all that is related to the Palestinian cause and the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people. 

The Kingdom, since the era of the founder king, Allah bless is soul, has been defending the Palestinian cause in every forum, out of its Arab and Islamic pioneering role, confirming what's already confirmed that it has never budged on its supportive position at all levels. 

On every occasion concerned with the Palestinian cause, the Kingdom stands in the face of any attempt aimed to undermine the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, represented in their right to self-determination without external interference, national independence and sovereignty, and full respect for their inalienable rights.

The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques' contact with the Palestinian President and the statement issued by the Royal Court confirm that the Palestinian cause is a top priority for the Kingdom's leadership and will remain so until the Palestinians attain their full rights and establish their independent state on the borders of July 4th, 1967.

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