Al Jazeera news anchors trumpets of falsification and deception.. they mudsling their co-worker Khashoggi

A wave of discontent spread all over corners of the Arab world in protest against the approach adopted by Qatari Al-Jazeera channel in terms of falsifying facts and lacking of neutrality in transmitting news events on the bizarre disappearance of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Al-Jazera anchors lack impartiality in transmitting news events. They also become trumpets and arms for the purpose of supporting policies and goals of Al-Jazeera and Qatar’s political and intelligence system.
Unilateral Opinion
The aforementioned information does not represent arbitrary judgment against these anchors. It is an expression for what in the minds of the Arab public on the bizarre disappearance of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Turkey seven days ago. It was noted that Al-Jazeera anchors do not adhere to the professional principles of the profession of journalism including the imposition of a particular views on the latest developments of the case. They point fingers at Saudi Arabia on the disappearance of the Saudi journalist.
Al-Jazeera channel adopts a misleading approach in tackling the case without any tangible evidence. It devotes long time spaces in its news bulletins for figures pinning charges on Riyadh. Al-Jazeera’s anchors adopt the same approach and post on their Twitter accounts links to all the statements and opinions that support the accusatory viewpoints to Saudi Arabia.
Fake photos
Al-Jazeera channel and its anchors follow a theory known in communication discipline as “subcutaneous injection”. This theory is based on dealing with the news presented to the viewer in the same way of “solution that is injected in veins and reaches all parts of the body through the blood circulation in a way that leaves a strong effect in the body. According to this theory, Al Jazeera and its anchors collect statements and analyzes that support its viewpoints. It also devoted long time spaces for its guests adopting the same approach. This theory destroys the slogan known as “opinion and differing views” long claimed to be abided by Al-Jazera in its coverage. This approach is highly criticized by those speaking in Arabic.
In addition, Al-Jazeera and its announcers try to impose unilateral viewpoints on Khashoggi disappearance by practicing deception and lies to their followers on Twitter. They present misleading and fake pictures of the orientations of the public opinion. On his account on Twitter, Al-Jazeera anchor Gamal Rayyan claims that international media are full of anger and rage due to the bizarre disappearance of Khashoggi, while Saudi mass media keep silent in this regard. It is not true that the international media are fully angry. If Rayyan’s claim is true, he will surely mention the names of these angry media. In addition, it is not also true that the Saudi newspapers keep silent in terms of the case of Khashoggi, the Saudi media and newspapers are full of news and analysis in this regard.
Bias and excitation
Al-Jazeera anchors resolve not only to aforementioned professional deviations but to exploit the case to incite the world against Saudi Arabia and attempt to internationalize the case with a view to harming Riyadh as well. For example, anchor Ghada Aweys attempts to stir up public opinion and makes a provocative tone at her account saying: “What happened is tragic!it is disappointing to keep denouncing. Jamal Khashoggi was exercising his right as a journalist. A global coalition should be formed to reveal its fate and punish its abductors. She also said: “The whole world took decisive steps and actions in terms of the assassination of Russian agent Scrippal in UK, the same must take place on the bizarre disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi. The hypocrite world must hold this regime accountable for the murder of the media figure who expresses his opinion. What is the reaction of the free world on this shameful assassination?
Anchor Ghada Aweys used inappropriate and inaccurate words when she described the world as a “hypocrite”. She prejudged the outcome of Turkish investigations by pointing fingers at Riyadh without evidence. Her words lack impartiality that a journalist must have in search of the truth and declaring it without prejudice and incitement.
Loss of impartiality
Al-Jazeera channel anchors’ partiality reached high when they have exploited Khashoggi disappearance to achieve personal gains. They also ignored human and moral dimensions of the case. For example, on his account on Twitter, anchor Faisal al-Qasim said: “Arab and international publicity about the disappearance of the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi should be a source of happiness and pride for any Arab journalist. It puts spot light on the ordeal of journalism and journalists in the Arab world and stresses the importance of public media and its influence in the Arab region and journalist became influential force feared by tyrants.”
In view of the foregoing, Al-Jazeera channel and its anchors committed massive professional violations in dealing with the case of Khashoggi disappearance. Such anchors proved that they do not have professionalism or impartiality. They only represent trumpets of falsification and deception and these matters do not serve peace and security in the Arab and Islamic world. This evil orientation adopted by Al-Jazeera fuels hostility and hatred among all Arab peoples. This made Al-Jazeera announcers lose their credibility in Arab world after abandoning journalism-related professional values and ethics.

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