Riyadh - SPA
Saudi Press: The Recent Attack and War Crimes By Houthi Militias

Saudi newspapers highlighted in their editorials today a number of issues at local, regional and international arenas.

Al-Yaum and Okaz newspapers commented on '' The Recent Attack and War Crimes by Houthi Militias'', saying that the recent attack on Abha International airport by Iranian backed terrorist Houthi Militias on Monday evening, claiming the life of one resident of the Syrian nationality, injuring 21 people of different nationalities between minor, moderate, and critical injuries, in addition to causing damages in a restaurant and 18 vehicles, amounts to war crimes punishable under the international law.

The papers noted that these militias continue to commit their immoral and inhuman crimes against civilians and civilian installations and facilities, ignoring all international laws and norms.

The papers added that the holding accountability against these terrorist gangs for their crimes being committed on innocent people in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Yemen and other countries affected by their crimes will be tough and compatible with the international law and its customary rules.

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