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Tik Tok: Start of the end or End of the start.

TikTok History

• Founded in 2012, ByteDance is a Chinese technology company headquartered in Beijing founded by Mr. Zhang Yiming.

• In May 2020, its value is more than $ 100 billion.

• On Nov 9, 2017, ByteDance acquired Musical.ly, a social media startup, for up to $ 1 billion.

• On August 2, 2018, ByteDance merged Musical.ly with TikTok to make it available worldwide in one global app called TikTok.

• As of November 2018, ByteDance had over 800 million daily active users (over a billion cumulative users).

Controversial Chinese law

In 2017, the Chinese government passed a law requiring Chinese companies to cooperate in terms of data with the Chinese intelligence in case of any request of that, which has become a security justification for closing the TikTok application in many countries started by Indonesia and Bangladesh between 2018 and  2019 and India recently in 2020.

Lost the largest market

On June 30, the Indian government banned TikTok and 58 other Chinese mobile apps due to security reasons as that was after a border clash with China (Also, the Indian government was under pressure to avenge the killing of Indian soldiers in that clash).

Immediately Applications were removed from Google Play and Apple App Store in India.

TikTok in other Countries

On the other hand, the United States supported and encouraged the Indian decision and threatened itself to take the same action (ban).

Also, is expected the banning the TikTok application in England, Austria, and New Zealand as announced that they are reviewing and studying the security effects of TikTok to reach a decision regarding it soon.

Over $ 6 billion Losses and "Anonymous group"

According to the previous data, the reports stated that the application may face losses above $ 6 billion.

Besides, to that, announced Anonymous group. (An international activist movement in piracy and known for its various electronic attacks against government agencies and companies)  that: "The application (TikTok) should be deleted immediately from devices and the its users should be wary of it as it collects data about:

• CPU type.

• Memory usage.

• Disk space.

• Device identifiers for all its users.

And the group said also, that the Chinese government is using Tik Tok to run a huge spy organization that uses the information it gets from the app.

American TikTok

Recently the US administration directed American companies to buy the TikTok application from ByteDance the Chinese Company as that a compromise solution for the TikTok, which is spreading widely and rapidly among Americans.

Recently announced that negotiation between Micro-Soft and TikTok of America and also other parties for the same purpose.

Brief Epilogue

So, it may seem that it is the beginning of the end of the story for one of the social media interesting app. "TikTok", or 

it may be the beginning of the real and powerful launch of TikTok after the indirect international advertisement of it as a new social media application.

Finally, the main question here, Is it the start of the end or the end of the start for TikTok?!

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