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Iranian Shrinking

The situation in Yemen remains politically and humanly stalled, further to the failure of Al-Houthi to abide by the agreements that have been reached, the most recent of which is the Stockholm Agreement, which was more binding than its predecessors. 

There is not enough pressure from the international community even through the UN envoy, who is obviously not different from his predecessors in terms of their inability to enforce the international resolutions. 

This is not an affront as much as it is a reality. It is not that Al-Houthi does not only implement the decisions, but he challenge them. 

The most recent of these challenges was firing wheat stores outside the port of Hodeidah, which is extremely important for providing food to millions of Yemenis, containing nearly 51 thousand tons of grain, which is enough to feed 3.7 million people for a month in a country where the Houthis have made famine an inherent feature through their abusive practices that have also led to the spread of epidemic diseases, all under the eyes of the international community, which has not lifted a finger in response to reaching strong peace.

We all know that Iran is the one running the Houthi militias, and Iran has been under unprecedented pressure from the United States to stop its nuclear activity and also to sabotage activities particularly in the Arab region. 

Such sabotage activities have exacerbated the situations in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen, in addition to Iran's roles in sponsoring global terrorism and harboring wanted members of al-Qaeda. 

In this sense, its arms in the region, such as Hezbollah, Al-Houthi, and other organizations, will try to remove the stranglehold on their necks in an open game that will not mislead anyone. 

On the contrary, the Iranian shrinking should be exploited to undermine its arms in preparation for neutralization once and for all, an opportunity that must be exploited optimally.

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