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Cultural Gains

Once again, His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Crown Prince and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, affirms his keenness on historical and cultural gains in every part of the Kingdo, and quickly taking any decision or action that would preserve the cultural heritage of the Kingdom, regardless of the efforts or the financial cost required.

His Highness has given his directives to support the project of restoring 56 ramshackle buildings in Jeddah, at the cost of SR 50 million for the first phase. 

This is the best witness to this keenness and carries a significant message that the Kingdom's heritage and history are the focus of attention of the leaders who provide all the potential of the country in order to keep that heritage intact and steadfast over the years.

The guidance of the Crown Prince, with generous financial support and directives to keep the archaeological sites in Jeddah in excellent condition and to make them survive as a solid proof of the cultural depth of the Kingdom, has come as a part of a comprehensive project with its vision and programs. 

This program has its supreme goals, topped by reviving the heritage of sites with magnificent cultural value in ancient Jeddah and saving them from the collapse that has been lurking for some time.

We are certain that this project is part of a systematic strategy and plan developed by the Kingdom to preserve its ancient heritage and cultural sites. 

This goes fully in line with the requirements of Vision 2030, which announced its objectives and plans to develop and preserve the cultural and heritage scene, when it called for the creation of the largest Islamic museum in the world, and the double increase in the number of UNESCO heritage sites registered, in confirmation of the words of the Crown Prince who wondered in a TV interview: How could Saudi Arabia be the kiblah for Muslims and the most important Islamic country but lacking an Islamic museum! Is it logic?"

The most beautiful and wonderful thing in the renovation of 56 historic buildings in Jeddah, is the guidance of His Highness the Crown Prince, to make officials in charge of  administration and implementation the Saudi sons with the experience in this area, believing that only the citizen is the worthiest to preserve the heritage and the assets of his homeland. 

This message implied the Saudization of this entire sector, and all concerned bodies of universities and institutions, should get fully prepared for this matter quickly and urgently.

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