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Moral Balance

If we want to describe the state of alertness and anticipation witnessed by our Arab region, especially in light of the repeated Iranian follies, we would describe it as a state of "moral rebalancing" where "justice" emerges as a moral value that has become necessary to impose on Iran's abnormal behavior, proving to be lacking rationality and logic, seeking only evil, sedition, chaos and division for the neighboring countries and the whole world without scruples and without conscience.

All agree that the time has come to hold back Iran's arrogance and power through its arms and agents in the region to achieve its narrow goals, which are incompatible with values and diplomatic norms. 

This conviction is compounded by the impatience and self-distancing policy long adopted by the Arab countries, especially the Gulf states, which have suffered a lot from recurring abuses and attempts to penetrate the borders and territorial waters, the latest of which was the attack on commercial ships in the territorial waters of the UAE, as well as the attack on two oil pumping stations in the Kingdom.

The strategy pursued by the United States and its allies towards Iran comes within this punitive and repressive context, disallowing the continuation of this aggressive behavior aimed at dragging the Arab states into dispersion and fragmentation via a chaotic context that targets our countries, ruptures their social fabric, wastes efforts and destroys their defense lines.

Decades have gone by and Iranian regime's arrogance and demagoguery, and relentless efforts to aggravate wars and undermine regimes through the Iranian mercenaries are the broad outlines of Iran's existence and its features that it has ceaselessly strengthened, not only regionally but globally as well.

Iran, in its expansionist guise, is trying to dominate its surroundings, whether on the ideological, political or economic levels, which are far beyond its capabilities and dreams. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is able – by the grace of God - to deter any aggression or abuse and the rest of the countries can do as well. 

The history of our country and our strategic ties with the world with all its balances, have proven our firmness as a solid political entity whose limits, capabilities and spiritual position cannot be compromised.

Faced with this siege and the sanctions that Iran is witnessing, it has only to acquiesce and read the scene rationally – that it has been long missing – in order to get out of the bottleneck in a world where there is no longer a place for bad people, sellers of delusion, promoters and supporters of terrorism. The world is anticipating the future with eyes full of optimism and work for a renaissance worthy of its people and countries.

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