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Solid Foundations

The Kingdom's positions towards the Palestinians, their just cause, and their usurped rights do not need clarification or declaration. They are as clear as the sun, fixed through all times. In this sense, they are free from upstages or attempts aimed to question or distort the facts, and promote lies and made-up narratives.

This principled position towards the Palestinian rights has three main features, which reflected the solid moral foundations of the Saudi policy. 

The first of these features stems from a deep belief in the justice of the Palestinian cause, the right of the Palestinian people to liberate and restore their occupied lands and their legitimate rights. In this capacity, this position will be stable, not affected by any changes in positions by any party.

The second feature is that this position is free of cheap upstages to the detriment of the oppressed Palestinian people. The Kingdom has never invested in the suffering of the Palestinians to achieve free populist positions that further complicate Palestinian cause and deepen the Palestinian people's tragedy. 

The Kingdom has never worked on investing the Palestinian differences to achieve a hidden agenda. Thus, the Kingdom's public positions have always matched its positions in closed meetings, and the Saudi position always respects the Palestinian people's choices and supported them in all cases. 

The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques in his phone call with the Palestinian President, confirmed the Kingdom's firm position towards the Palestinian cause, and siding by the Palestinian people's choices and whatever that realize their hopes and aspirations.

The third feature of Saudi positions towards the Palestinian rights is that the Kingdom does not only adopt principled political positions, but rather initiates with all its political and economic energies to support the Palestinian cause, and invests its international position and influence in protecting and protecting the Palestinian rights. 

History books recount the firm Saudi positions towards any attempt to liquidate the cause or waste the just rights of the Palestinians. It also harnesses all its financial capabilities to support Palestine economically and developmentally, and alleviate the suffering of the Palestinians, without any discrimination.

With these three features, the Kingdom represents a solid shield and a safety valve for the just Palestinian cause, and remains loyal to its brothers in Palestine in a historical position befitting a state based on right and justice, away from the agenda of the opportunists, and the lies of the ideologized.

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