Riyadh "Riyadh Daily"
Year of good

A new Hijri year has begun, full of good wishes on all levels. It is a new Hijri year in which our country will take great strides towards a promising future, God willing, to achieve its goals for the security and stability of the country and for the people's well-being which has always been the primary objective of the development projects that we live and touch.

It is a new Hijri year that we hope it brings good for our country and for the Arab and Islamic nations. We hope it is better than its predecessor in terms of solving the suspended crises, especially the Arab ones, which have been for long without a solution leading to the stability of the region and solving the problems resulting from these crises which were classified as global crises with their repercussions extended to countries of the region.

We hope this year is a good opening for our great Arab world to enjoy the security, stability and well-being that it deserves to live real, instead of what some countries and militias are doing in the course of things that are irrelevant to our reality and never lead to the goals that we aspire for the sake of an Arab homeland that harnesses all its potential for the pride and prosperity of its nations as already enjoy. The leaders of our country have placed the well-being and prosperity of the people as a strategic objective. Thus, our blessed renaissance has been achieved, and which shortened the distances of time and folded its days in words, actions and achievement, and so our country, praise be to God, has become at the lead of the Arab and Islamic countries, creating the miracle of transformation to go in the path of the future with confident steps and a specific goal, overcoming obstacles and difficulties by the might of God and then the determination of men and their love for their homeland.

We wish good, pride and prosperity for our country.

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