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Al-Balsam International Organization conducts complex operations for Tanzania’s children

Al-Balsam International Organization’s medical team carried out three complex surgical operations for children on its first day to Tanzania. The team is chaired by Consultant Pediatric Surgeon at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center Dr. Zakaria Sobhi Habib, specialized nurse in children resuscitation at intensive care units Julia Anthony of Malaysia, together with two Saudi nurses.
Head of the pediatric surgery department at King Faisal Specialist Hospital Professor Zakaria Habib said that Al-Balsam International Organization’s medical team conducted three complex operations on its first day for children suffering from congenital anomalies since birth. The surgical operations took more than seven hours and ranged between congenital defects in the digestive system and abnormalities in the reproductive system of children. These operations were carried out by using enteroscope.
Dr. Zakaria Habib added: “The visit to Tanzania’s children hospital is aimed at transferring experiences and training Tanzanian medical cadres to be able to carry out complex surgical operations including ones by using enteroscopes instead of conducting the traditional operations. The Tanzanian medical team began to conduct the surgical operations by themselves. The first operation was carried out successfully.”
Head of the pediatric surgery department Zeitun Bukhari at Tanzania’s Muhambili National Hospital extended gratitude to Al-Balsam International Organization’s medical team for coming to Tanzania with the aim of providing medical assistance and carrying out the difficult surgical operations. She also praised the strenuous efforts exerted previously and currently by the organization that organized medical visits to Tanzania since 2015.
The visit is considered an extension of the previous ones in last March in response to the request of the Tanzanian government and in coordination with the Tanzanian Ambassador in Riyadh Hamid Eid Maghazi and with the Ministry of Health of Tanzania. The previous visit included carrying out 46 surgical operations for forty children.
It is noteworthy that Al-Balsam International Organization is a non-profit organization licensed by Switzerland since 2017. It provides medical services to the needy patients in different countries. The organization also aims to make an observable change in the field of humanitarian medicine worldwide and serve the patients in the poor areas. Furthermore, the medical team of the organization does its best to treat the largest possible number of patients in areas needing medical services.

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