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KSrelief Demining Project Removes 1,833 Mines in Yemen During the 4th Week of April

King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief) “Masam” demining project has managed during the fourth week of April 2022 to clear 1,833 mines planted by the Houthi militia in various Yemeni regions, including 1,195 anti-tank mines and 638 unexploded ordnance, it was reported today.

Masam's team managed to clear 260 anti-tank mines and 75 unexploded ordnance in Harib district of Ma'rib governorate, while in Shabwa, the team cleared 158 anti-tank mines and 235 unexploded ordnance in the Ain district, in addition to 208 anti-tank mines in Usaylan district.

Masam also cleared 569 anti-tank mines and 328 unexploded ordnance in Taiz governorate, bringing the number of mines cleared so far in April to 6,356, while the total number of mines cleared since the start of the Masam project amounts to 335,893 planted by the Houthi militia indiscriminately throughout Yemen to harvest more innocent victims of children, women and the elderly.

KSrelief, Saudi Arabia's relief arm, continues to clear the Yemeni lands of mines and contribute to helping the Yemenis to have a decent life.

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