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Into Global Leadership

The Kingdom takes resolute steps towards forefront and global leadership in all fields, clearly indicating that Vision 2030, announced by His Highness the Crown Prince about two years ago, has ably succeeded in achieving lots of the goals and ambitions earlier declared. Efforts continue day by day to achieve more progress and prosperity, in a way that contributes to building a strong modern kingdom with the help of its leaders, people and potential. 

Hence, it was not surprising at all for observers to find that a US study conducted by the US News and World Report Magazine, has ranked the Kingdom as the ninth strongest nation in the world, after the first world countries; the US, Russia, China, Britain and Germany which are ranked the first five places, stemming from a deep belief that the Kingdom is no less important than these countries.

Whoever follows up the march of this country, since its establishment by the founder King Abdulaziz ibn Abdul Rahman ibn Faisal - may his soul rest in peace - makes sure that the Kingdom is used to be successful and distinct always, ensuring forefront both regionally and globally. 

No wonder if we know that the Kingdom has all the natural and human resources and capabilities, as well as the regional and international expertise and status, which make it a developed country, plus being a core state in the world, with a voice and a considered opinion. Thus, it was chosen within the G20, that develops and plans global economic tracks.

With the declaration of Vision 2030, the pace of reform in the Kingdom has been faster than ever. 

We have seen qualitative plans and programs and radical transformations that reshape many sectors within the country, set out hopes and provide potential to realize aspirations and turn them into tangible reality. 

We can now see the fruits of these efforts, demonstrating determination of leaders and people to make the Kingdom in the forefront of the world's first countries, thanks to hard work, creativity, innovation and knowledge.

We can confirm that the Kingdom now is not as before. Many things have changed for the better. 

Aspirations and dreams have increased their scope to keep up with the latest developments and the requirements of each stage, helped by the majority of young citizens who aspire to have a real presence in the development process and contribute with their efforts and experiences to developing their country for the best always.

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