Riyadh Daily
People’s voice

The Iranians have finally woken up to the atrocities committed by their tyrannical rulers. They have been marginalized for the past nearly four decades and kept in the dark about their regime’s devious deeds inside and outside Iran. They are now revolting against injustice and oppression.
The resources of the country have been squandered willfully to satisfy the expansionist ambitions of the leaders in Tehran. Billions have been spent on propping up corrupt regimes abroad and funding extremist militias at the expense of the country’s development and people’s welfare.
After all these years of sufferings, the Iranians are taking it no more. They have learnt the truth and have broken the barriers of fear that have been keeping them subjugated for too long. They have risen to reject the dark ideologies being advocated in the country that have brought it to the brink of destruction. The rebellion has clearly shown that they simply want the mullahs to go.
Iran is finally getting set for a new era. It will no longer be the same. The people’s voice will prevail.

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