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Homeland Tourism

Announcing the launching of the "Saudi Seasons 2019" initiative last Wednesday, which contains eleven tourist seasons covering most of the Kingdom's regions, was not a surprising step in light of the dozens of steps adopted by the State in the last two years to pay attention to the tourism sector and its various projects such as major tourism projects as Neom, Qiddiya, development of the Red Sea coasts and islands, Amala project, as well as the organizational steps that will contribute to the emergence of a GDP-reinforcing large and diversified tourism and entertainment industry, including cinema licenses and access of families into stadiums and sports cities that host football matches and other activities for the Kingdom's citizens, residents and visitors.

Some of the initiative's programs and activities are not new, as some of them have been implemented recently in the Kingdom through the General Authority for Entertainment and the General Sport Authority and a number of other government agencies, mostly implemented by the private sector, including national and international companies. We have seen many of these projects in Diriyah, Al-Ula and the economic city in Rabigh, in addition to major cities such as Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam and other cities. Yet, the new thing here is the great momentum of various sustainable activities and targeting larger segments of the public. 

The program will include a package of cultural, sports, entertainment and business events throughout the year, in addition to supporting services of residence, movement and others, with a design that contributes to building rich and integrated experience for visitors, and allocated for each of the regions and cities that have been carefully selected.

These seasons, which come under the direct supervision and follow-up of His Highness the Crown Prince, mean a new era of the modern tourism industry in line with the new Saudi vision programs, seeking a disciplined opening to all the friendly countries and cultures of the world. A large part of events will be suitable for Saudis and other nationalities who will be welcomed by local communities with the start of the e-tourism visa expected to be implemented very soon. Tourist markets adjacent to the Kingdom have established a professional and experienced tourist industry, whose main base is the Saudi tourists and some other foreign nationalities; Asian, European and American, capable of traveling. 

So, citizens, residents and visitors have the right to enjoy our homeland's tourist potential through a market with competitive quality and price. Our homeland has the ambition to enhance its economic capabilities by targeting foreign markets that export their citizens to various regions of the Kingdom under historical, heritage, cultural and natural factors.

The experimental phase of seasons comes to raise the readiness of infrastructure and ensure the completion of the service system to launch the tourism sector broadly in the next decade, so that the tourism industry will be and inexhaustible new oil.

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