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A beautiful phrase in Daniel Pennac's interesting book “The Pleasure of Reading”, in which he addresses librarians and is overjoyed that all the books of the world find their places in the finely organized memory of librarians, and stresses the importance of their role by saying: "Without you, how would I be guided as I am the one with a bad memory as an uncultivated land?".

The foregoing emphasizes the importance of libraries as a space of knowledge that includes the product and the seedling of the brilliant minds that have struggled to grant knowledge and culture to the reader in any part of the world. 

It is the real bet on the word. The word has always been the most beautiful and most valuable choice for intellectuals, thinkers and even ordinary people, because of the impact of reading and its shadows which reflect the slightest taste and delicacy on the reader passionate about knowledge and science, along with its ability to capture the attention of recipients as well as its ability to promote in the media .

Today, we are witnessing an important cultural event that is celebrated in libraries. King Abdul Aziz Complex for Waqf Libraries, in collaboration with the Islamic University in Madinah, is organizing an international conference called "Innovation and Revitalization of Libraries" at King Salman International Conference Center in Madinah.

More than 75 speakers and experts from several countries are taking part in the three-day conference, in addition to professors and researchers from universities and academic institutions in the Kingdom.

Through several speakers, research and working papers, the conference is presenting several main themes, including change in post-2018 technologies and transformation in libraries.

Launching such an international conference with this momentum and attendance emphasizes the value of libraries and their great role. They enhance the value of the written word and the need to take care of all methods and channels aiming to maintain their splendor and attractiveness in light of space and electronic competition.

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