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Media Acting Minister chairs the 4th Arab Chinese Cooperation Symposium in the Field of Information

Acting Minister of Media Dr. Majed bin Abdullah Al-Qasabi, the rotatory
president of the Arab Ministers of Information Council, chaired
virtually today the 4th Arab Chinese Cooperation symposium in the field
of information organized by the Arab League in coordination with the
State Council Information Office of China (SCIO).

At the outset of the symposium, the Acting minister welcomed the
Minister and Vice-Minister of the State Council Information Office of
China (SCIO), Arab ministers of information, the head of the media
sector of the General Secretariat of Arab League States, and media
officials in Arab countries and the People's Republic of China.

Dr. Al-Qasabi pointed out that the partnership between Arab
countries and China through the China–Arab States Cooperation Forum,
established after the visit of President Hu Jintao to the headquarters
of the Arab League on January 30, 2004, represents today a pioneering
and ideal model of cooperation, partnership, and interaction between
peoples, to achieve the goals of the forum in promoting dialogue and
cooperation in various fields.

The Acting Minister affirmed that the Coronavirus pandemic had
imposed unprecedented challenges that placed our countries and
institutions in the face of an unparalleled international crisis, noting
in this regard great efforts made by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during
its presidency of G20 2020. He added that the Kingdom chaired an
extraordinary virtual summit, which issued a joint statement stressing
the highest priority to combat the pandemic and its interrelated health,
social and economic consequences.

Dr. Al-Qasabi indicated that the G20 countries have adopted many
ways to address health, economic and social impacts of this pandemic,
pledging more than $21 billion to support the immediate funding needs
for the development of diagnostic tools, vaccines, and effective
therapeutics, injecting over $11 trillion into the global economy to
support businesses and protect individuals' livelihoods, alleviating $
14 billion on the debt burden on countries most at risk, and launching
the Riyadh Initiative.

The Acting Minister explained that the global media faced an
important challenge during the pandemic due to the spread of rumors and
misinformation about the emerging of COVID-19 and the questioning of
scientific facts about it, which threatened to undermine the efforts
made to raise awareness of the danger of this disease.

He also pointed out that official media institutions have made
intensified efforts, in coordination with officials in the health
sectors in our countries, to deliver messages about the virus, ways to
prevent it, and address rumors and anonymous information that question
the reality of the pandemic, its danger, or the safety of precautionary
measures taken to limit its spread.

The Acting Minister of Media stated that the Arab countries view
China as a reliable international partner to achieve common development
goals in all fields, including the media field. He also indicated that
Arab countries view the Belt and Road Initiative comprehensively that
exceeds the limited economic outlook; they see the initiative as a
dialogue between peoples politically, culturally, and socially.

At the end of his speech, the Acting Minister wished success to
participants in the symposium to discuss media responsibility in
promoting joint Arab-Chinese development in light of the Coronavirus

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