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Yemen Uprising

There is no alternative to the political solution in Yemen. This principle is agreed upon by all regional and international parties except the Houthis and Iran that backs them up, supporting the continuation of the status quo as they are benefiting from it, and that the end of the war means their end as an effective factor in the Yemeni crisis, and causes the failure of the Iranian project to have another (Hezbollah) in the region carrying out the subversive terrorist policies of that project.

The Arab Coalition for the Support of Legitimacy in Yemen has thwarted that project by siding with the right to take it back to its rightful owners. 

This led to reactions far from the interest of Yemen and the Yemenis by the Houthi militias which carried out reckless acts against the Yemenis and have escalated the policy of intimidation, repression and assassination expecting them to surrender. 

But, what has happened is exactly the opposite. The Yemenis do not accept humiliation by militias that are just puppets in the Iranian hands. 

Thus, rebellion and resentment have erupted daily against the actions of the Houthis in the areas occupied by them, despite the harsh reaction of the Houthis, which have clearly become in a position, to say the least it is so difficult position, either in Sanaa or Hodeida, the two biggest cities that Houthis try to take hold of them. 

Despite all the heinous Houthi practices against the Yemeni citizens in these two cities specifically, their residents have not given up to the Houthi terror, but they have been resisting and will always resist until the nightmare, weighing heavily on them, is over and which will not last long.

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