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Taking On Responsibility

It is every country's to make its interests the basis in its dealings with its near and distant surroundings. 

It is an unequivocal legitimate right, but when that country feels that there is a role assigned to it, and a responsibility to shoulder, this prompts it to take full responsibility. 

That what our leadership has done, when took on its Arab and Islamic responsibilities aptly and efficiently, bearing the burden of one of the most critical stages in modern history, in addition to the current Arab situation and the changing international policies.

The Kingdom, despite its involvement in its titanic development project which aims to make unprecedented qualitative leaps to the future, it still takes on its heavy responsibilities in preserving the Arab balance and the leadership of the Islamic nation. 

The Kingdom could have directed all of its capabilities to its development project that needs us to harness all our potential to achieve it. 

This is natural and not to blame, but it is the sense of responsibility and its magnitude that made the Kingdom continue to defend the Arab and Islamic issues. 

The statement of the Council of Ministers yesterday is a clear evidence that the Arab and Islamic issues are always on the top priorities of our leadership, a matter that is represented by the Palestinian issue as a central Arab Islamic issue, the Kingdom's siding with the Palestinian people and providing them with all means of support to get their legitimate rights to their independent state on the borders of 1967 with Jerusalem as its capital according to the internationally recognized bases and the Arab Peace Initiative. The statement also tackled the Yemeni crisis and support for the legitimate government in its efforts to preserve the components of the Yemeni state.

This is our country that we are proud of. It is a country of goodness, development, giving and great responsibilities.

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