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Minister of State for African Affairs: The Kingdom believes the region is going through one of the most dangerous stages in its modern history

Minister of State for African Affairs Ahmed Abdulaziz Qattan of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia affirmed that his country believes that the region is going through one of the most dangerous stages in its modern history. It requires a special kind of confrontation that is appropriate to thwart risks and challenges that are not only threatening the stability of countries, but also their unity, well-being and survival.
This came during his speech at the opening of the 149th Arab League session at the ministerial level, which started here earlier today. Qattan said that the Palestinian Cause is the priority of the Kingdom's concerns and a major milestone in the discussions of its leaders on the Arab situation internally and externally, pointing out that Kingdom of Saudi Arabia would like to reiterate its firm stance on the occupied Al-Quds as the eternal capital of the State of Palestine.
On the Syrian crisis, he said that the international community is still unable to take serious decisions to save the Syrian people and alleviate their suffering as a result of deteriorating security and humanitarian conditions. "We, in Saudi Arabia, believe that this crisis can only be resolved through a political solution based on the Geneva Declaration 1 and the Security Council resolution 2254, which offers forming a transitional authority to govern the country, drafting a new constitution and preparing for elections to create a new future for Syria that will ensure the preservation of Syrian territorial integrity and civil and military state institutions.
He pointed out that the Arab Alliance countries are making every effort to achieve security and stability in Yemen under the legitimate leadership, so that it can overcome its crisis and regain its march towards building, developing and achieving a peaceful solution based on the GCC Initiative and its executive mechanisms and the outputs of the national dialogue, in addition to Security Council Resolution 2216.
On the situation in Libya, he stressed the need to support the political efforts that seek to break the crisis by preserving the integrity and unity of the Libyan parties. The main focus of the dialogue is the agreement signed by the Libyan parties and the support of the national reconciliation government, led by Fayez Sarraj.
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is keen to support and stabilize Iraq, which requires us to cooperate and unite to mobilize support and expedite the financing of reconstruction projects for Iraq as the security of Iraq is a cornerstone for the stability and security of the region, Qattan said, pointing out that it is becoming more necessary than ever to give serious attention to the fight against terrorism at all levels.
"The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is still demanding resolute action towards Iranian interference in the internal affairs of the Arab countries and the negative acts Iran is carrying out in support of terrorism, its attempt to destabilize some countries in the region, its planting of terrorist cells in our countries as well as the violation of international agreements with regard to ballistic missiles." he said.

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