Riyadh Daily
On road to global excellence

Saudi Arabia is making full use of its technology, human resources, and military prowess to achieve balanced development. The rapid growth which Saudi Arabia is witnessing is a turning point that is poised to take the Kingdom to the horizons of global influence and excellence.
The recently issued royal decrees have covered various developmental aspects and have laid the foundations for a brighter future. The decrees have approved the Defense Ministry development document that outlines the ministry’s vision and strategy, its organizational structure, governance, and human resources requirements to achieve further accomplishments.
In terms of military performance, the Saudi army ranks second at the Arab level and 22nd internationally. Moreover, the Kingdom annually U$ 50 to 70 billion on military industrialization, making it the third largest spender on military armaments worldwide. The Kingdom’s military industries will increase production by 30 to 50 percent, and it has acquired state-of-the-art technologies in the field of electronic warfare.
The Kingdom’s military leadership is highly capable as was apparent in the recent reshuffle of the Armed Forces sectors. It will lead to even more institutionalized discipline, control, and strict enforcement of laws and regulations.     
Saudi Arabia is a pillar of international stability. Its position has increased its political, military and economic influence and has taken it to a level of where it should be.

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