KSrelief distributes "Iftar meals, dates and food baskets" across many parts of the world

King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSreleif) continued for the 16th consecutive day distributing Ramadan Iftar meals, dates and food baskets across many parts of the world.

The countries, which were included in this humanitarian, and relief projects provided by the Saudi Arabia within the framework represented by the KSrelief are Yemen, Lebanon, Afghanistan and West Bank and Gaza Strip.

In Yemen, KSrelief center has continued, for days in a row of the holy month of Ramadan, distributing Iftar meals and 2750 cartons of dates in Hadramout, Dhale and Ma'rib, where 2030 meals were distributed, benefiting 14,000 people.

In Lebanon, KSrelief distributed 799 Iftar meals to 250 poor and needy families in Tripoli and its suburbs. KSrelief has also continued distributing 740 food baskets in Tyre, where 740 to the needy people there.

In Afghanistan, King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center has continued the distribution of Ramadan food baskets, weighing more than 7 tons in Kandahar. Afghan officials and people appreciated the efforts of Saudi Arabia, represented by KSrelief.

Also, in West Bank and Gaza Strip, KSrelief center has continued distributing and providing more than 10,000 Ramadan food baskets and around 34,000 Iftar meals to needy Palestinians families and people there.

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