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Education Ensures Progress

The government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques recognizes the importance of the quality of education and the need to improve it, in order to create educated and conscious generations with all the potential to lead the country to safety.

Thus, the education sector receives many plans and programs of Vision 2030, which announced from the first minutes of its launch in 2016 that it will depend on the arms of Saudi youth who are capable of achieving creativity, innovation and excellence.

Some of the Vision's manifestations related to the education sector emerged yesterday when the Ministry of Education announced a cluster of future programs and projects that will open new educational horizons in line with administrative procedures and regulations that ensure the quality of application, a matter that will positively affect the improvement of learning outcomes and achieve growth requirements for male and female students.

The seriousness of the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and its keenness to develop and promote education comprehensively, effectively and thoughtfully, was evident through the interest of the preschool or early childhood stage, and the assignment of female teachers to teach the primary class students in 1400 schools, for the first time in the education sector in the Kingdom. 

This indicates that the change in the sector started from the bottom up to the top to include all participants in the educational process.

The State's interest in early childhood is not newly-born, but it sounds that it started a long time ago. 

The Ministry asserted that it has completed the infrastructure for expansion in preschool, to help invest the available potential in schools through the Early Childhood Initiative which aims to increase the enrollment rate in preschool stage to 95% by 2030, instead of the current rate of only 17%.

The Ministry's talk about the development of education is not only limited to the preschool, but also included incentive programs for male and female teachers, the desire to improve performance, and achieve the career satisfaction by applying the educational functions' list, and the new salary scale. 

This scene brings us reassurance and psychological comfort that we are on the right track which produces open-minded students capable of thinking soundly, planning elaborately and reaching the peak of success, a matter which enables them to make the expected difference in the further advancement of the Kingdom and to include it into the list of the first world's developed and advanced countries. 

This is not hard for a country that harnesses its entire financial and human potential to build a human from inside, as the best investment for governments and countries seeking development, prosperity and stability.

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