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Day by day, the importance of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) in preserving the region's security, stability, development and prosperity is confirmed. The role of the GCC is pivotal in defending the security of the region from the fabricated tremors by Iran every now and then in failed attempts to take the region to bumpy turns leading to the unknown. 

Yet, the wisdom and awareness of the GCC's leaders have thwarted all the absurd Iranian schemes, and even made Iran a pariah state in the international community by revealing all its schemes to interfere in Arab affairs.

The GCC Summit, which wrapped up its activities yesterday, was a firm message that the GCC is an effective force influencing the political, economic and security scenes, not only at the level of the region but also at the international level. 

This is indisputable as the strength of the GCC's policies is based on its being a central force in an important region experiencing unstable situations, and its role comes as a very important stabilizing factor. The international community is aware of that importance and appreciates the roles played by the GCC.

Although the GCC states are involved in their concern for their security, stability and development, the Arab issue is always present in the focus of attention. The GCC states know that they are the most stable force, and that they have to carry out their national responsibilities, which is something they are already doing at the highest levels without neglecting their interrelationships that are primarily concerned with the Gulf citizens. 

The GCC states harness all their capabilities for the sake of the Gulf citizens' prosperity, well-being and development. They work hard to achieve this goal, overcoming all obstacles in order to reach the comprehensive development.

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