Riyadh - SPA
Seven Days Left for All Foreign Trucks Coming to Saudi Arabia to Obtain Naql E-Document

The Transport General Authority (TGA) has said that seven days are left before all foreign trucks shall be committed to obtaining Naql (transit) e-document, which is a prerequisite for their entry to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The TGA added that the Naql E-document, which falls within the support extended to the national carrier, aims at ensuring fair competition, enhancing investment environment and boosting safety levels for cargo services.
The authority also said that the document is issued through the Naql portal, containing information about the sender and recipient of the shipment, trip itinerary and routes, among others.
The authority added that cargo transport within the Kingdom is confined to the national carrier as per the accredited transport mechanism which prohibits traders and exporters from contracting non-Saudi companies to carry out transport operations within the country.

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