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Houthi Despair

Despite the speech of defiance and the alleged show of force, signs of panic in the Iranian-backed Houthi militias camp echo the rising feeling of coupists about the end of their illusionary project to control Yemen.

Thus, coupists seem to be in the case of a suicide-like rush forward, being certain that their chances are diminishing to complete their sectarian ambition which is driven by a suspicious regional agenda. 

The latest signs of this reckless rush is call of the coup leader for the so-called "tribal honor document", in a desperate attempt to dismantle the tribal infrastructure in Yemen and drag it into conflicts and disputes, a matter which prevents their expected explosion in the face of the Houthi humiliation and hegemony. 

The document represents an extension of the Houthi exclusionary thought which deals with any opposing or independent direction as an aggressive behavior and a potential threat requiring the activation of all mechanisms of brutality and suppression to ban any desire to get out of the Houthi cloak.

The tribal revolution which al-Houthi fears has already broken out by the tribes of Hajjour which are fed up with the Houthi infringement and tendency to hegemony and totalitarianism. 

Also, other tribes are in a state of pent-up anger that no one knows when it will explode, which will send the Houthi group into isolationism and will write the last line in the chapter of the Iranian project in Yemen. 

The reckless Houthi reactions to the tribal document and forced conscription attempts are just desperate attempts to stop the end whose signs have started to appear through the ongoing field developments, and in the case of international exposure of the Houthi coup's real intentions, especially after the Stockholm Agreement that burned all the Houthi cards, depriving them of their bargaining to avoid binding international resolutions. 

It is clear that the "tribal honor document" may be the tramp that broke the back of Houthis and ended the state of hesitation among the Yemeni tribes which will deem the document only as an explicit declaration of war by the Houthis and an explicit repression of the tribesmen in a crude sectarian and tribal tendency.

All these indicators reflect the fate of the coup, and so it seems that the next phase is expected to witness more reckless and suicide-like behavior of the coup, but will remain desperate attempts that will not postpone the inevitable end.

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