• Socio-economic Status of Women in Islam

    The socio-economic status of women is an important indicator to measure the development of either community or nation. Most of the religions have acco...

  • Discreet Vision

    The preeminent characteristic of the Kingdom's various policies is that they are distinguished by forethought, patience and careful scrutiny in all of...

  • Actuary in Business

    A study published by job search website "CareerCast" ranked actuary as the #1 job in the United States In 2010 and still consider as one of the import...

  • Legislation Amendment

    Legislation Amendment

  • War Fuse

    Undoubtedly, no one wants a war, whatever its causes. The consequences of the war are usually catastrophic for all sides. We all know that, especially...

  • Terrorist Fingerprints

    The call of the Council of Ministers at its meeting yesterday to the international community to take firm actions to ensure the safety of the internat...

  • Decisive Response

    No matter how vast the world is, common interests shorten the distances, especially if those interests are multilateral.

  • Media fall

    The Qatari regime is used to distorting facts, spreading poisons and interfering in the affairs of the Arab states.

  • Yoga is a key to Global Peace

    International Day of Yoga is celebrated annually on June 21 since its inception in 2015 to promotion of peace, harmony, health and goodwill for all.

  • Words for History

    Words for History

  • Sponsoring Terrorism

    We are not going to jump to conclusions concerning the bombing of the two ships in the Gulf of Oman and we are not going to throw around accusations w...

  • Success and Happiness Experiences

    For building our experience, we should first know what type of experience that we have then utilize the best way to enhance it by practicing a direct...

  • Crime and Punishment

    The Houthi terrorist attack on Abha Airport will not go unnoticed but will be reaction will be equivalent to the horrific act.

  • Arab Children

    "Today's children are the youth of the future and the backbone of nations"… We always say it, believe in it and work to achieve it.

  • Islamic Directives for Global Peace

    The entire world has increasingly become a global village. It no longer makes any sense in this day and age to argue glibly about some calamities of v...

  • Kingdom Energy Saving Principles

    The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is responsible for stabilizing the world oil markets. It plays this role for decades, because it is consistent with princi...